From this day forth, Suramar fights for the Horde. Your death is regrettable Uh, do we have to keep talking about this? Sages and scholars fear the Void. This could be a chance to bring them to our side.

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I’m just so cold, and it’s very dark here. But now it wo time to come home. You will become the shadow that darkens the skies! Should you feel the slightest doubt, turn back now. Your aid was invaluable, Thalyssra.

I hear Dalaran has an entire floor dedicated to magical transportation.

Tier 3 Raid Transmog Sets

Si on dois faire de tels stratagèmes pour récupérer un perso plus rapidement je veux bien le croire. How does it do that? Something tells me we will speak again soon. And as long sow my light is with me, there’s no way the darkness can win!

I hope that– Spiritwalker Ebonhorn: Drathir’s quest for power led him to seek the fragments of an ancient world, one teetering on the brink of the Void itself. I can close the rift–but I will need help. The Dark Lady instructs you to meet me in Orgrimmar. Return to the void rift so that we may honor wlw accomplishment.


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It was Drathir’s betrayal that allowed Arthas to corrupt the Sunwell But their arrogance and mistrust soon proved otherwise. But now the unity we forged has been shattered.

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And when I left the mountain to visit Mulgore, the wards weakened just enough to let the Darkness take hold. Fareeya, I need a beacon to the Vindicaar. I dabbled with powers far beyond my control. They’re waiting for me!

Patch 7.3.5 (PTR) : dialogues dataminés [SPOILERS]

Prochain assaut à Zuldazar. Baine, I must get Ebonhorn back to Highmountain. I will join you soon.

But some among my people wish to venture out into the world, to claim our place in Azeroth once again. You only delay the inevitable! He never found this place Go back to the void that spawned you!

Astuce : créer rapidement un personnage prédéfini sur PTR – World of Warcraft –

The majesty of chaos Yet our war is far from over. Do not squander resources. Fort heureusement, il existe une superbe astuce pour passer outre cette file d’attente! I fear that after the war against the Legion, our ranks are too depleted to stave off their aggression.


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Once when we were presumed lost on Draenor, and again when gripped by the shadow of the fallen naaru. Connecté en tant que Google [Bot]. Had Uul’gyneth’s plan succeeded, we all would have been made into servants of the Old Gods Autres sites du réseau Mamytwink.

It seems we are not the first of our people seeking to harness the void. In the days to come, you will face many trials Stormwind has suffered at the hands of those who succumbed to the shadow’s whispers.